Victoria Website Design

Site Design

I'll work with you to design the website that is as unique as your business is.

The design process is customised to you and your business. It's also flexible. I'll work around your time schedule to create your design, wether that's office hours, weekends or evenings.

It's not just the service that's responsive. The websites are too! For example this web page is "responsive" this means the design morphs to fit screens on diferent screen sizes found on tablets or cell phones

If you are viewing this on a computer, try changing the size of your browser and see how the design adapts to the new screen size.

Site building

I build sites with the latest technologies available. This ensures that your site is modern, working properly on the latest browsers and devices (cell phones and tablets) and is eye catching.

This approach maximizes the usable life of your website and gives your site the modern dynamic feel that potential clients notice.

I use the most up-to-date toolsets to build your site which keeps me efficient and your costs down.

Your site will be optimized for performance in every detail, this makes a big difference when making that first impression online. Catching the users attention in the first second, and keeping it, is of paramount importance.

Hosting service

I'll take care of it for you.

I provide an exclusive hosting solution. Unlike many free/cheap hosting providers the host machine is not over-stretched or unreliable. The service only has my sites on it so it is far more secure and reliable than a generally available hosting service.

I will also register your website name for you and take care of all the details associated with getting started so that you don't have to.

If you have another hosting service that you'd rather use that's ok too.

Search optimisation

Search optimisation is built in at the begining. The clean custom design and the use of the right technologies ensures that your site is easily digested by google, bing and other search providers. This clean design is essential in ranking well with google.

I will link your website into the "google analytics" service. This will provide you with daily data on your visitors. I will also create a custom report that is sent to you weekly/monthly with the data most critical information for you.

I can help you with your text so that you position favourably in searches